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Very cute and good looking masseurs. Happy ending if you want. Especially TONG is very good.I enjoy him and his massage and .......

Body Club is under renovation. It is possible to get massage, but sauna, steambath and gym is not possible now.

Can you please tell me the price for a massage? I am coming to Pattaya in August.

ADY has now his yuonger brother AE working in the club. Also a very lovely and sexy boy. But many of the other boys are also very goodlooking and sexy.

Will soon beback in Pattaya and then I hope my favorite massageboy ADDY will be there and give me some memorable times.

i had a wonderful time with your host " boy " . he has the most wonderful body i know ... i would like to see him again...thanks to him , i never forget him !!!

Was at Le Cafe Royal again for two weeks in July I also use the facility of The Body Club, a very nice place and of course got those very special massage from ADDY every day.
He always take very good care of me and I cant wait to go back again in Dec. Also all the boys at Le Cafe Royal where as friendly as ever and special thanks to Nai, Dome, Cha, Tui, Mac, Nop, Edd, Joe and that cute day chef in the kitchen. Sorry I'm forgetting some names but there is just to many and did not have the chance to met everyone. Anyway, Thanks to all for the great time I had as always. A special thank also to the nice driver KOM that pick me up and drove me back to the BKK airport. image