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hi.. i visit to BKK in 11-15 april 2010, i have plan to Booking 2 room in suriwongse hotel. can i know the room Rate?? n have any room??

Hmmm, scares me. But the email address is

i've stayed in suriwongse hotel.i think it is nice place to stay.but the problem is not easy to website n no reply via email.but s'okay,another way to book is via phone.i will stay there again next trip.hope the room not full LOL...

Hello and good morning Sir.
Do You have a standard room for me for the following periode:
Check in: 22.10.2006
Check out: 25.10.2006
how much Bath is the price per night?
Best regards.
Paul Wagner

i will coming to bangkok on Dec 28th 2005.i'll arrive in bangkok at 10pm.i am from indonesia.i interest stay in suriwong hotel,but i dunno how to book the hotel room.would u like to tell me what should i do?i dont have credit card.may i book now and pay as i arrive?

hi,i will going to bangkok on this new year.i interest to live in Surawongse hotel.but i dont know how to bool this hotel.and i dont know how to go to this hotel from airport.anybody wanna help me please...

I have visited the Suriwongse over the years and I must say that I have never found the reception clerks very polite. However, the cleaning ladies are charming and the coffee shop is pretty friendly, especially George who has been there for a long time. Shame the boys were kicked out though. I will be back next week 16 August 2005. See you then andI will give an update report later. image