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Have visited My Way frequently. Love the show, changes regularly, the dancing boys are excellent and attractivr. It is better now that Khun Bon has stopped talking over the show. He went overboard and lost the plot onnthe final night of Gay Pride - Mr Phuket Competirion. Got very angry when an out of towner -Issan Boy - won supported by a few generous Farangs - over a local. Unfortunately worst "Off" of my life. Demanded 1000Thb for a ten miute fling. Said he had a room - an extra 500Thb at a guesthouse' When I nentioned it to Khun Bon he said he would do something - said boy - comes from Chiang Mai still works there.

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Keep the good show coming !

Spent 10 days in Patong again 3 weeks ago.
No change in MyWay except that two old/fat ladyboys now performing nightly.
Cute Tom (22 or 44) is still there and chubby little Em is still fun as always.
MyWay is still the bar to go for shows with beautiful costume and stage. Keep it up, Khun Bon!

Hello boys,
say hello from Germany, it was was beautiful with you.
I have your a good show liked power very much, with you and with you.
I wish you a good time until soon.

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Spent several nights in My Way during my trip last week. Things seemed improved. Khun Bon did not talk too much to disrupt the songs.
The performance was good with very nice stage and set-up.
Boys are mostly muscular types and cute.
Waiters seemed to be more interested in Farang than an Asian like me though ... but things changed later with good tips and when they saw me always call two boys together.
The 18yo boy I opt was cute, friendly and honest. Bought him a mobile phone later.
Overall, My Way is one of the two best a-go-go bars in Paradise Complex. Will definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Phuket.

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I need the E-Mail address of May Way-bar.
Who of you Boys can give me these?
Please, fast answer.
Thank you. Greet Richard

Is my deaf-mute friend Boll still there? I have not been in touch for over two years now, because he cannot do email and of course we cannot speak on the phone. I had a great time with him and would like to see him again..

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