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Hi My New BKK Friends...Happy to tell you iv booked to come visit again & hope ill get tot visit a few nice Clubs or Bar & enjoy a Nice Full Oil Massage

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As Roberto says, Tarntawan Place should be in this page as it was some monthes ago. After trying many other slepping place in Bangkok, i now stay at Tarntawan Place each time i'm back. One of the best hotel in Bangkok and very gay friendly (i think same owner of Dick's Cafe in boy plaza)

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i will be visiting Bangkok in 18th march 2005, hopeing to stay in a cheap hotel...can anyone help me? i will be going alone.


I can't believe Tarntawan Place is not listed on this site. It is the absolute best gay hotel in the Patpong Area, if not all of Thailand. The location is right in the heart of all the action, breakfast is usually included in the rate, they offer free internet access for guests, and there is no extra charge to take visitors up to your room (unlike the snooty Tawana Ramada Hotel across the street).

I don't think I'm allowed to post their phone number and e-mail address here, but here's an indirect way to get to their website ... on the right-hand side of this page, click on "Bistro, Pub, Bar" ... then on the listing for Balcony, click on their website ... when you get to the Balcony website, click on "Links" ... then under hotels you will see a link for the Tarntawan Place. You can make reservations there.

Reserve early, they are well-known in the gay community and often fill up early.

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