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hi i will arrive in Bangkok on 27th ,, help me to fine place gays area

I be in bangkok soon, interested to try out your massage service. Please let me know how much is your orgy promotion and what u offer.

Hi there,
I'm planning to be on tour to Bangkok this coming 12 June 2006. I really delighted to hear about your superb massage centre and hope you could send me pics and rates of all your boys. I doesn't care whether they are top or bottom and please make it fast coz i'm really wanting to be there soon.

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Dont waste your time asking for pictures of the boys..This is NOT Albury Men's Club" web site...No one will forward any pic's as this is to comment on your service when you visited the place..Just trying to help

I am going to BKK early on Aug, kindly advise the price and pics of your masseurs, how much do u charge of every service do the boys given?

Hi i'm going to BKK soon in mid July. wanna visit your club n could u pls send the pics of your boys and the pricelist as well? direction to how to get to your club is also appreciated.

hi i am staying in park hotel what is the charge for aman to man massage with happy ending ? and can you send me your boys pictures , and how far your place from my hotel , pls. give me direction ? image