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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Documentary: There is Nothing Wrong with Love

BBB Documentary: There is Nothing Wrong with Love

We proudly present the speech of Yuval Noah Harari at the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance 2019:

"Good evening, Jerusalem,

I will talk quite a while, but only for 10 minutes, I promise.

I am very happy to be here today, as a homo sapiens, and also as a homosexual. This June marks 50 years since the Stonewall riots, which were a turning point in the history of the LGBT revolution.

The changes, that have been achieved over the last 50 years are absolutely amazing. 50 years ago, homosexuality was considered a crime in most countries of the world. Even in places where it was legal, it was risky to come out of the closet. It could have destroyed your social relationships and your career.

Today in many countries the situation is still difficult, even deteriorating. However in large parts of the world things have significantly changed for the better, even in countries with a rather conservative history: The Serbian prime minister is a self-declared lesbian. The prime minister of Ireland is a proud gay man. Even in Jerusalem we have a Pride March, 50 members of parliament are out of the closet, and the minister of justice is gay.

These changes are not a miracle. They are the result of hard struggles, fought by many people around the globe, from all parts of the gender spectrum. Some have paid a high price for these changes: Lawyers in courtrooms, teenagers who dared to come out of the closet at their schools, some wrote songs and others wrote cheques.

One might ask: Why was this struggle even necessary? Why thousands of years of oppression had to pass before people realized there is nothing wrong with love? If two men love each other, or two women love each other. What could be wrong with that?

Even if there are gods, I am pretty sure, they don't punish humans for love. The laws of nature certainly don't punish anyone for love. As a scientist, I can tell you hand on heart: Homosexuals and lesbians, bisexual and transgender, all human beings do not violate the laws of nature. It is simply impossible for them to violate the laws of nature. Those who violate the laws of nature do not exist. When something exists, it indicates that it is natural.

Only humans invent and believe stories. Only in these stories do problems exist with transgenders or homosexuals. Their suffering is completely unnecessary in this world. When we look back to 1969, we should be very grateful for what has been achieved, and to those who battled hard to achieve it. When we look ahead into the future, we cannot be self-satisfied. History never moves in a straight line. And the achievements of the past are no insurance policy for the future.

For example the position of Europe's Jews was never better than in the 1920s and 1930s. They enjoyed unprecedented freedom, equal political and legal rights. We all know what happened next.

There are worrying signs that LGBT people are becoming a favorite target for dictatorial regimes, for extreme politicians around the world, from Russia to Brazil.

But I am quite sure we will not go back into the closet. Not only because those, who have tasted freedom, are not willing to return into the darkness of the closet, but also because technology is gradually destroying the closets.

Even if the political situation seriously worsens in coming years, if scared people delete their public profile on Grindr and fly below the gaydar, it won't help them much. Because gaydar will reach every corner.

We are in the midst of an enormous technological revolution, that changes the rules of the game. Scientists develop new surveillance technologies. Soon any regime wishing to do so, will have the ability to track all people, all the time. They can not only track what we do, but also what we feel. These new surveillance technologies are not only developed in Russia and China, but also here in Israel. Some of the developers might be here in the audience with us today.

Two kilometres from here stands one of world's biggest and most important laboratories. It is used to develop these surveillance technologies. The lab is called 'The Territories'. Technologies developed there are exported to different regimes all over the world - some less dark, some darker. One day they might also be used against citizens of Israel, against LGBT people, or against any other group a regime chooses to persecute.

The combination of innovative technologies with conservative ideologies could give birth to the worst totalitarian regimes in human history, even worse than the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. But this is NOT a prophecy, it's merely a possibility.

If this worries you, it is not too late to do something about it. As bleak as the future might seem to some of us today, in 1969, when LGBT people began to fight with police men in New York, the future seemed immeasurably bleaker. Ultimately, most of the horrific scenarios imagined in 1969 did not materialize. Because many people struggled to stop them from materializing.

If you want to help prevent the horrific scenarios of the 21st century, you can do many things. The most important one is to join an organization. 50 people collaborating together as part of an organization, can create much bigger changes than 500 lone activists or mere commentators. I won't tell you which organization to join - there are many good options. But please don't wait to do it. Do it this week. Don't sit at home and complain - join an organization and act now. Make sure you finish this task latest by the end of next week.

Let me end with the words of the person who 50 years ago started the riot against the police in New York. While the police officers grabbed her and dragged her to their patrol car, this person fought them with everything she had. When the crowd gathered around to look on, she shouted:

'Don't just stand there! Why don't you guys do something?!'

Thank you."

Yuval Noah Harari

Write your personal pride statement now:

Proud to be gay,

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Re: BBB Documentary: There is Nothing Wrong with Love

What he says is very true....the future looks bleak with this surveillance of everyone.

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Re: BBB Documentary: There is Nothing Wrong with Love

I think he said everything
My congratulations
I am doing something here in London in my catholic community
I believe in love
Please no mistake and confused
What about in Thailand

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