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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: Lanterns and Makha Bucha

BBB Info: Lanterns and Makha Bucha

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 19. February 2019, Thailand celebrates two holidays on the same day:

The Chinese New Year holiday comes to its climax with the Yuan Xiao or Lantern Festival. It began over 2000 years ago. The festival has developed many meanings. It celebrates family reunions and society. It features ancient spiritual traditions. Some also call it the true Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The many activities include moon gazing, lighting lanterns, riddles, lion dances and eating rice balls. Follow the lanterns to BBB Inn. And visit China Town during the late afternoon and evening for these exciting Chinese New Year celebrations. With the Yuan Xiao the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival finally comes to its end.

Makha Bucha is a Buddhist holiday which takes place on the night of the full moon during the third lunar month of the year.

The event marks the anniversary of Buddha's first major sermon. Seven months after Buddha began his teachings, 1250 monks came together to hear Buddha preach. It was on the full moon of the third lunar month. Buddha ordained these monks and passed on to them the basic principles of Buddhism:

To avoid all evil, to do only what is good, and to cleanse the mind, along with other teachings. This marked a key event in the development of the religion.

Many Thais will give alms to the monks in the morning and in the evening. People will fill the temples to listen to sermons and take part in the candlelight ceremony known as Wien Tein where they walk three times around the temple holding flowers, incense and a lit candle.

Write your best holiday experiences here:

Good luck to you,

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