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Main Index >> Newsletters by Pan >> BBB Info: New Year Surprise

BBB Info: New Year Surprise

This week the Thai cabinet prepared a great gift to the gay community: They passed a bill to allow Life Partnership for same-sex couples. Only a few days after Taiwan opened Registered Partnership for gay couples, Thailand will be number 2 in Asia.

The Life Partnership Bill recognizes the rights of LGBT couples to jointly manage debts and assets. You can inherit your spouse's property and become his guardian. The right to make medical decisions for your spouse was added to the bill in the last minute.

Part of the LGBT community slams the bill for not jet recognizing the right to adopt children, receive a spouse's welfare, pension or status for income tax deduction. But as we all know, Rome was not built in one day. Full equal treatment of straight and gay couples takes time.

Thailand is on the way in the right direction. It will still take a few months for the bill to pass and become law. To register under the new law you and your partner need to be at least 20 years old and one of you has to have the Thai nationality.

Let's celebrate the New Year to come. BBB Inn offers you special low Partnership Rates for all rooms until the bill becomes law. This way you have an even greater chance to meet your future husband at BBB Inn Bangkok.

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Happy New Year,

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Re: BBB Info: New Year Surprise

Congratulations for Thai boys
As you know I am a Latin guy and now British citizen
I’ve already married a Thai boy from Udon Thani
and we are living in UK
We are too different but I love him
Maybe one day we will be comeback to Thailand now should be easy

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Re: BBB Info: New Year Surprise

I am happy for all. Wishing you a Happy New year.

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Re: BBB Info: New Year Surprise

Well it's about time, now we can breathe a sigh of relieve. I'm siting here with my sports bra on and my plaid pleated skirt, thinking now I can find my Thai partner. Who ever reads this let me know if your interested to be my partner. We can converse by email, to find if we match. HASPPY NEW YEAR!

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