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BBB Info: Here Eats The World

BBB Inn is in the middle of culinary heaven. You can take a food journey around the world just a few steps away from BBB Inn.

At the next corner you find the "Roadhouse Barbecue" with American favourites from BBQ ribs and buffalo wings to burgers and steaks.

Many Japanese Restaurants invite you at Surawong Road and Thaniya Plaza to Sushi, Sashimi & Co. Misato, one of the best Japanese restaurants in town, you find at Charn Issara Tower.

Friends of Shawarma, Kebab or Hummus will feel in Heaven at "Beirut Restaurant" on Silom Road.

If you prefer Pies or Fish & Chips, the Irish Pub "Flann O'Brian's" is waiting for you. A cool Guinness or Kilkenny will complement your dinner.

Hungry for Tacos or Jalapenos? "Patty's Fiesta" or "Sunrise Tacos" offer authentic Mexican food on Silom Road.

German Sausage lovers and Schnitzel Fan's can get enough of it at G's Restaurant in Silom Soi 4. More than 80 brands of Beers you can choose from the endless beers menu. The very best tapas you find next door at "Spanish on Soi 4".

These are just a few highlights. There are French, Italian, Swiss, Greek, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian and of course Chinese and Thai restaurants. You name it, we have it. And all of them in short walking distance from BBB Inn. Just ask the boy at the reception. He will be pleased to help you. No need to starve.

Always hungry

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Re: BBB Info: Here Eats The World

For many, many years I enjoyed the world wide food choices of Bangkok multiple times each year and each visit. I'm hoping to come back soon again to do so all over. my taste buds are jumping already.......ehehehheheeee

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Re: BBB Info: Here Eats The World

I love to eat, that sounds so great. Pan, I am really thinking about just moving there. I have a lot of medical issues, I hear the medical help there is the best. A lot of tourists are called "Medical tourists" because the price of operations etc there is 1/2 the cost as of the USA. Can you elaborate? One hospital that is very popular with Americans is Bamramyun (spelling incorrect I think, I saw a TV show about it). Thank-you very much, Pan, keep e-mails coming. Joe Everett

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