BBB Original Fashion Massage

BBB Inn Guest House & Spa
918 Rama 4 Road
opposite Red Cross (Snake Farm)
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone: - 22 36 - 22 59
Fax: - 22 34 - 36 67
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BBB Original Fashion Massage

Only at BBB Inn you get the Original BBB Fashion Massage.

BBB Fashion Massage is no ordinary boy massage. It's a sensation that brings your body and soul into perfect harmony.

Invented in Japan, all our masseurs are trained and instructed by one of the best masters of his discipline, Japanese trained Khun Miku. Enjoy the powers of water, concentrated minerals, salt, hot oil and magic hands.

Loose yourself. Levitate and hover between life and heaven. Walk on air until you reach cloud nine. These are hours you will never forget in your life. The really intoxicating feelings will get you addicted when the boys ignite a real firework of feelings, pleasure and relaxation. You feel like newly-born, your skin like a baby-butt. And all stress and pain will be blown away.

We offer 3 different massage courses.

Each course includes shower service, body scrub, hot oil massage, tantra prostate massage and our very special service.

Please do not negotiate for sexual intercourse or oral services without condom. The boys are not allowed to have sexual intercourse with massage customers!

 BBB Fashion Massage

Please choose 1 boy.

 BBB VIP Massage

You may choose 2 boys. This is our popular massage that satisfies You.

 BBB Party Massage

You may choose 3 boys. This course is highly addictive!

Try it, you will love it.

BBB Inn is open 24 hours round-the-clock

You can come to BBB Inn at any time. We always have boys working, round-the-clock.

 Please note: More massage boys will be present between 15:00 o'clock in the afternoon and 3:00 o'clock at night.

If you want to be sure to meet your favourite boy, make a reservation.

Make your appointment:

It is so easy to make a reservation. Just choose a boy you like below and write to him, what day and time you would like to come.

 If you plan to come today on short notice, please call the reception:
 0 - 22 36 - 22 59

Our pices

Please note: All our prices include the minimum tip for the boys already. Additional tip is up to you only, at your discretion.

BBB Original Fashion Massage

 Fashion Massage 2 hours: 1,900 Baht.

BBB VIP Massage

 2 boys Fashion Massage 2 hours: 3,100 Baht.

BBB Party Massage

 3 boys Fashion Massage 2 hours: 4,200 Baht.

Our users ask, why Fashion Massage is called Fashion Massage...

Well, the Japanese invented it and they named it. Fashion is best when it is designed well. And surely Fashion Massage is a designer product. Every detail is taken care of: From the welcome drink to the last "see you next time", every step is well-thought-out and intensely trained with every boy working at BBB Inn.

How long will it take?

Fashion Massage always lasts two hours or more. You can not rush it. No quick course possibly. If you really don't have the time, come another day. Much better: Open up. Clear your mind and your schedule. You deserve the perfect rest.

Is Fashion Massage safe?

All your safety needs are taken care of. Your valuables are stored in the lobby in one of the double key safes with video surveillance. No need to worry. And your health is in secure hands as well. The boys will always use protection to keep the customer and themselves healthy.

How much tip should you give?

All BBB Fashion Massage prices include tip for the boy(s) already. Because you should never worry about the tip and how much to give. That is entirely up to you. Let your mood after the massage decide for you. That will be perfectly all right for you and the boy(s). Sure.

Between Surawong Road/Henri Dunant Intersection and Montien Hotel
opposite Red Cross - Snake Farm.

Print out the name card and map. The map has precise instructions for the taxi driver in Thai at the right top corner!

Namecard for BBB Inn, Bangkok

Map to BBB Inn, Bangkok

BBB Inn is around the block of Boy Plaza, on Rama 4 Road, about 69 steps away from the go go bars. (Opposite the Red Cross - Snake Farm)
Ask the taxi driver to drop you at BBB Inn, 918 Rama 4 Road.

Guest House
918 Rama 4 Road
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone: 0 - 22 36 - 22 59
Fax: 0 - 22 34 - 36 67
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918 Rama 4 Road
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone: 0 - 22 36 - 22 59
Fax: 0 - 22 34 - 36 67

BBB Fashion Massage
918 Rama 4 Road
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone: 0 - 22 36 - 22 59
Fax: 0 - 22 34 - 36 67 image