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Could somebody pls send some sexy pictures of Gay Pride in Jomtien, probably 2019 because of the situation, I don’t think 2020 has taken place.
Looking forward to the Govt to open to tourists.
I would think earl 2021.
I hope for some sexy pictures.
Thanks in anticipation.

I love boys with make-up on, so hot.

You guys sent me many fotos of pool boys, 1 pulling see-thru bathing suit down just a little to show his ass? That foto drove me crazy! But I can't find it now. Can you send it again to me? I really want to come there but have some health problems, scared of airplane flight. 22 hours. Thank-you! Joe

Thans You Grungtep.

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hope M still works there or will be back in March when I return

Hope to find some similar fun here in Chiang Mai where I just moved. I especially love those boys who can't get [Oops!} off enough!

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thanks for good time in bangkok..... image