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Thank you for your interest in advertising on has right now about 1.000.000 visitors every month with about 10.000.000 page impressions.

Commercial advertisement is available in the top of the content page. The banner size is 468 X 60 pixel, maximum 20 KB, including a link to either your own web-side, your free hosted web-side on or your entry and guest book of - Guide.


Member, Gay Guide, Forum and Classifieds cost 100 Baht for 1.000 page impressions.

High Quality Guide Pages cost 250 Baht. Then your banner will be shown on the guide only on pages that are specially selected for your business: For example all users who search the Gay Guide for KOH SAMUI or HOTEL.

You can buy any amount of page impressions, minimum 20.000. Our ad server will send you a banner report with page views and clicks every day, every month or as often as you like. All banners have to be paid in advance before they are delivered.

Please note, that we don't link to nude or indecent offers on the Internet.

You can also become a sponsor of We have different sponsoring models. You best talk personally with one of our sponsors, if you are interested. Please let us know and we will bring you together. More info:

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